Lystro, who can use the Special Power "Dinosaur Farm"

Special Powers are Powers that don't do damage, but feature a special effect, or can inflict a Special Condition.

Special ConditionsEdit

Special Conditions are extra effects that can be inflicted upon Dinorans via Special Powers.


The Dinoran takes damage each turn before it attacks. Some Poison Attacks are Venomous Fang, Venomus Spit, Doom Poison, etc.


An Invisible Dinoran cannot be attacked, targeted, or affected by a Condition, but it can't attack either. Some Invisibility Powers are Color Change, Nightmare Speed, Dark Deception, etc. Invisibility Powers target the user.


Both Dinorans take damage when a Curse is first activated, but the Cursed Dinoran takes damage each time it attacks. Some Curse Powers are Werewolf Curse, Dark Retaliation, etc.


A Petrified Dinoran is incapable of moving or attacking, but it is immune to all Special Conditions (besides Petrified). Some Petrify Powers are Basilisk Gaze, Iron Leviathan, Eternal Stare, etc.

Special PowersEdit

Special Powers are specific Powers that do special effects.

Dinosaur FarmEdit

It calls forward all other Dinorans of the same name as the user that the owner owns. Ex. If Lystro used Dinosaur Farm, all other Lystrosaurus that Lystro's owner had would come to the field.

Solar ReflectionEdit

It absorbs the Power used on the user and sends it back at the opponent. Works best with high Speed.

Tell-Tale WingsEdit

Negates all Special Conditions affecting the user. It also prevents the user from being affected by Special Conditions and prevents the user from using Special Powers.

Killing BloodEdit

Deals Damage and shares the User's Condition with the target.

Carcass SalvageEdit

When the User defeats a Dinoran, it becomes more powerful (for the duration of the battle, use only in 3, 4, or 5 player battles).


The user will evolve if it wins a battle (in 3, 4, or 5 player battles, the user must defeat all enemies).

Deadly ShieldEdit

The user will become more evasive and more resistant to damage, and the opponent will be slightly damaged if it attacks the user.

Death TollEdit

If the user is defeated, all opponents will be damaged and receive a random Condition (not including Invisibility).

Tide ControlEdit

User's Stats increase if an Opponent is a Sea Type.


Duplicates the user.


User cannot be poisoned.

Warning AuraEdit

Inflicts Damage or a Condition on certain opponents when they attack the User after this Power is used:

  • High Health - Damaged
  • High Speed - Petrified
  • High Defense - Cursed
  • High Ferocity - Poisoned

Mystery BlastEdit

Deals damade and inflicts a Condition on the target depending on their Type:

  • Land - Poisoned
  • Sea - Cursed
  • Sky - Petrified