Dimetro, a Land-type Dinoran


Dinorans are a race of Magical Dinosaurs and other Magical Prehistoric Creatures.


The Dinorans use to be regular dinosaurs on the continent of Dinora. It one day, however, was split in three by a meteorite. It was eventually colonized by Mezoians and the Dinorans and Mezoians allied and created the Dinora Games.

Dino DataEdit

Dino Data includes a Dinoran's Type, Class, and Age.


A Dinoran's Type is what element it controls. It is either Sea, Sky, or Land.


This states what kind of Dinosaur (or Prehistoric Creature) a Dinoran is. Ex. Pterosaur, Ancient Mammal, etc.


This is what time a Dinoran comes from. During a Dinora Battle, the field takes the form of an Age. If a Dinoran is playing in the Age it's from, it will receive an Age Bonus (Extra Points in a Stat).

Stats Edit

A Dinoran's stats determine its performance in a Dinora Game.


A Dinoran's Health is its strength. When its Health is depleted, it loses.


Speed determines its accuracy and evasion. High Speed Dinorans can land more hits, and dodge more of their opponents' attacks.


High Defense Dinorans don't take as much damage from attacks.


A Dinoran's Ferocity determines the strength of its attacks. High Ferocity Dinorans have stronger Powers.


A Dinoran's Powers are its attacks. If a Dinoran has high Health, it takes more Powers to defeat it. A high Speed Dinoran can dodge opponents' Powers and more of its Powers hit their intended targets. High Defense Dinorans take less damage from Powers. High Ferocity Dinorans have stronger Powers.