===Game Description Dinora is an open world 2D sandbox action adventure game. Fend off enemies with the aid of magic, projectiles and melee comba​​ely crafted weapons and armour. Till the soil, farm the land and grow crops, build pens and livestock shelters to help rear animals and mmarry and start a family of your own; pet optional! Live your life in Dinora the way you want to, but beware... The Darkness stirs...===

Key Features

  • Randomly generated worlds
  • ====Dynamic systems: NPC raging, relationships, day/night cycle, plant growth, hunger system====
  • Variety of ecosystems: area specific friendly/aggressive creatures across various biomes. Children, Genetic and Occupational Inheritance. NPCs can gain skills in several areas including smithing, tailoring, even working the loval tavern if you build one.
  • Resource Collection: Farming, Mining, and Treasure Hunting,
  • Crafting: Basic and Advanced (unique elemental weapons and armour), create dozens of items both useful and decorative, combine those items at a unique forge to customise your weapons and tools
  • Building: Shelter, Properties to Rent, workshops, inns, markets, farms, livestock areas
  • Open world game play with underlying story arc
  • Experience the whole game alone or with up to three friends in four player local split screen play

Release Date: 15th May 2013 

Platforms: Xbox Live Indie Games

Price: $1 US, £0.69 UK (Previously 80 Microsoft Points)