The Dino Booster is a Gauntlet used in Dinora Battles.


The Dino Booster is used for Dinora Battles. It can carry and launch Dino Rocks, which hold Dinorans, and it has a Dino Guage, which monitors a Dinoran's stats. They also feature a Dinopedia, which scans Dinorans and displays their data, and it features an Age Randomizer, which decides the Age in which the Dinora Battle will take place.

Dino RocksEdit

Dino Rocks are stone spheres that hold Dinorans. They can be opened like plastic eggs, and on the inside is a symbol displaying a Dinoran's type, and a heiroglyph-style drawing of the Dinoran.

Dino GuageEdit

The Dino Guage features four meters: a red Health Meter, a green Speed Meter, a blue Defense Meter, and a violet Ferocity Meter.


The Dinopedia can scan a Dinoran. It displays their image, name, and type symbol on a screen, and a voice gives the Dinoran's Dino Data, Stats, and Powers.

Age RandomizerEdit

This function activates on the Dino Booster of Player 1 only (Player Numbers are decided randomly). It randomly selects an Age in which to play. Dinorans of the Active Age receive an Age Bonus (an Age Bonus is extra points in a certain statistic).


The Dino Booster can be upgraded to use additional functions.

Dino GridEdit

The Dino Grid can scan for and identify any Dinoran in the vicinity.

Evolution MeterEdit

The Evolution Meter determines how close to (or far from) Evoulution a Dinoran is. When a Dinoran "Evolves", it simply becomes more skillful, better at using its powers, and more evasive and accurate, even without high Speed.

Egg IncubatorEdit

Dinorans, like Dinosaurs and reptiles, are capable of laying eggs. Dinoran Eggs can be loaded into the Dino Booster's gauntlet and the Incubator can be turned on. The egg will be heated without damage to the Booster. The egg will hatch soon after incubation. The Dinopedia can identify the Dinoran within the egg before it hatches, but eggs cannot be detected by the Dino Grid.