The Ancient Archipelago is a ring of three islands: Paleoia, Mezoia, and Cenozoia.

65,000,000 Years Before PresentEdit

The Archipelago used to be a continent called Dinora. One day, a meteorite hit the continent, splitting the continent in three. A magical core was unearthed, giving the Dinosaurs magic powers. It absorbed the deadly elements from the air and its energies were depleted.

10,000 Years Before PresentEdit

A group of Australian Aborigines arrived on the island of Mezoia. These Aborigines became the Mezoian Natives. They met the Dinorans and at first feared them. One day, a Mezoian girl named Larkin made friends with a Parasaurolophus named Para. The fear and rivalry between the tribes ended, and in celebration, the game of Dinora was created for the first time.

Present DayEdit

The Ancient Archipelago was rediscovered by humanity in 1984. In 1992, a paleontologist named Dr. Leonard Edwin quit his job and traveled to Mezoia. He founded the Dinora Industries, and recreated and modernized the Dinora Games. The game was updated yet again when real Dinorans were discovered.